Unique Décor & Artful Treasures for Your Home


Add a splash of Nature’s Artistry to your interior spaces with distinctive décor from around the world.

Pezrok explores the planet both near and far for unique, handcrafted items that add an unmistakable charm to your home or office — teak tables and chairs, sink bowls of onyx and petrified wood, driftwood wall art, wildlife carvings, and so much more!

The surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains are rich in gifted artisans and crafters, allowing us to find treasures right here in our backyard. Whether it be Bali or Blue Ridge, Pezrok is committed to supporting small, local artisans who craft items using indigenous materials with skills passed down through generations.

We always have an eye out for unique and exotic woods. We love Tropical Teak for its deep beauty and incredible durability. We’re just as likely to find a breathtaking table made from a 100-year-old Flame Box Elder, felled locally after the end of its lifecycle. Or, perhaps, an amethyst geode from Brazil to create that perfect flashy center piece for your dining table?

Why settle for ordinary home décor when you can find extraordinary pieces at Pezrok?

~Items listed are representative of our product lines. Please contact us to see our current inventory!~

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