Redwood Burl Dining Table


This piece comes to us from a local craftsman based in Ellijay, GA!

The photos speak for themselves, this is a redwood burl. These are incredibly sought after and hard to get due to their incredible coloration and many other, surprising, reasons!

Redwood is an incredibly useful wood. It resists rot, decay, and fire. It’s lighter in weight than most other woods that carry these same attributes, and is much easier to work with. Alongside these other attributes, it’s highly resistant to splitting and warping.

Generally native to the Northwest in North America, these are some of the largest and tallest trees in the world. Not only this, but they reached their full diversity in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, making it one of the oldest tree families in the world today.

The artist crafted this piece with patio use in mind, coating the burl in outdoor rated epoxy that is resistant to UV and weather.

We here at Pezrok always attribute our collection to seeing Nature’s Artistry at its finest, and this is no exception. With the combination of the oceanic blue epoxy and brilliant redwood burl, this one of a kind piece is the perfect addition to anyone’s seaside or mountain home. We can’t wait for this to go home with you today!

Origin: Ellijay, GA

Dimensions: 48" Diameter x 31" H