Petrified Wood Slab

Hailing from the far away land of Java, these slabs of petrified wood are sure to add class to any area of your home. Nature is at its finest when nothing is added, simply shaped for a better look. These slabs are ideal for console tables, small bar/dining tables, and coffee tables. Only your imagination is the limit with what you can do with these beautiful pieces of Nature’s Artistry!

These items range in size from 50″ to 70″ long and 18″ x 24″ wide depending on the piece. Of course, they are carved from natural petrified wood logs, size and shape are completely reliant on the original shape of the log!

~Items photographed are representative of what we carry in store! Contact us today to see our current inventory!~

Size varies per piece.

Average - 50" x 20" x 2" (can be larger or smaller)

Price Range:

$2400 - $3800