Orange Calcite Sink

This sink is made of a semiprecious stone called calcite – specifically orange and white calcite polished down to a smooth finish and encapsulated in quartz during the process. This is a truly one-of-a-kind piece due in part to the nature of mineral basin sinks – while you may see another made of the same material, the presence of various veins, colors and shades, as well as the presence of small “beauty marks” which are not to be considered defects but part of the naturalness of the product causes each sink to be truly unique!

Calcite is a component of limestone and the common form of calcium carbonite. Found all over the world, calcite is colourless or white when pure but may be of almost any colour—reddish, pink, yellow, greenish, bluish, lavender, black, or brown—owing to the presence of diverse impurities that make it look like completely different minerals!

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Size will vary from piece to piece.

Costs range from $720 to $1200