Green River Mural Two


This framed mural was quarried from the “Steel Blue Lake” stone layer and is framed in a handmade wenge wood frame. It was given the name Steel Blue Lake due to the stone coloring. This is a hard, compact stone known for superior fossil preservation. The surface of the stone has been given a light, brushed finish. The mural includes a very rare 5.5″ juvenile Phareodus Encaustus (the top most fossil.) Phareodus was a sharp toothed predator and some grew as large as 25″. Small specimen of this particular species, at this quality level, are even rarer than the larger fossils found. The other two fossilized fish are 5″ Knightia Eocaena. Knightia is the most common fossils in the Green River formation. It is also state fossil of Wyoming. The composition of the two knightia on top of another is an aesthetically beautiful formation.

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Origin: Steel Blue Lake layer, Green River Fossil Formation, SW Wyoming

Dimensions: 25" x 17"