Green River Mural One


This is an accent size mural measuring 37″ x 25″, it is famed in a handmade wenge wood frame. The fossils included in this piece are a large 16.5″ and smaller 8″ Diplomystus Dentatus. Diplomystus was a top-feeding fish similar to a tarpon. The upturned mouth is a clear indicator of this resemblance. The mural also contains a Cockerellites Liops. This is a small perch, similar to a sunfish or blue gill. The cockerellites was once called a Priscacara Liops. Upon closer examination by paleontologits it was determined that it is a unqie species, thus the new name of Cockerellites Liops. All of the fossils are exceptional in preservation and detail. The stone is from the Fossil Lake stone layer. The Fossil Lake stone layer features bold texturing and a beautiful variety of colors.

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Origin: Green River Stone Quarry, Fossil Lake, SW Wyoming

Dimensions: 37" x 25"