Green River Fossil Mural Three


This mural comes from the Fossil Lake Classic formation. It includes a 5″ Cockerellites Liops, a small perch similar to a sunfish or blue gill. The cockerellites was once called a Priscacara Liops, but upon further examination by paleontologists, was reclassified into its own species, Cockerellite Liops. There are also 5″, 6.5″ and 7″ Knightia Eocaena present in this mural. From an artistic standpoint, this mural is absolutely stunning due to its natural composition and stone layering. The seemingly random coloration in the upper right of the mural is caused by a natural iron-oxide presence in the stone.

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Origin: Fossil Lake, Green River Fossil Formation, Southwest Wyoming

Dimensions: 19" x 25"