Claro & English Walnut Graft on Adjustable Upcylced Base


This piece comes to us by way of a local craftsman from Ellijay, GA.

This piece is crafted from Claro walnut that has been grafted to English walnut.

Some of these terms may not be familiar to you, but are REALLY cool. A grafting occurs when a stronger tree, in this case the Claro Walnut from California, has a different tree grown onto it to help in higher yield of produce or nuts. This is also used to strengthen the tree that is added to it. At a young age, the Claro walnut will be “chipped out” and a piece of the other tree is placed into this chipped out area. Over time, the tree will heal and continue to grow with the positive attributes from both trees.

This incredible piece is a graft between Claro walnut and English walnut. Claro walnut is known for its dark, chocolate tones and generally straight grain. Irregular grains, much like the one in this piece, are highly sought after and rare. The grafting allows for both varieties of the walnut trees to shine through. The English walnut, with a light chatoyancy and amazing grain pattern compliment the Claro beautifully. The artist finished this particular piece with a smoky epoxy in an irregular area of the walnut.

This is then placed on an upcycled base. Created from old cast iron parts from factories, the base allows the table to sit at 24″ to 40″ high. With the larger size of this item, the variable height creates a perfect surface for dining or hosting at larger gatherings! Truly a one of a kind piece, bring this home today!

Origin: Ellijay, GA

Dimensions: 83" W x 35" D x 24" - 40" H adjustable.