Agate is a rock formation consisting of chalcedony and quartz, with differing inclusions. They tend to form inside of other minerals or existing rocks, and are commonly found formed as nodules inside of volcanic rocks. These cavities are generally caused by volcanic gas, over time silicate-rich fluid washes into these vesicles and collect on the walls. Over time this fills in to create a solid nodule, though some are hollow on the interior, and others can even have liquid inside. These are known as enhydro agates. The circular banding agate is known for is generally an alternating layer of chalcedony to quartz, and back again. Agate has also been known to form in sedimentary rocks such as limestone.

Interestingly enough, agate was first named by a Greek philosopher in between 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. It was commonly used as jewelry or for warrior’s seal stones in the Ancient Grecian civilizations.

Metaphysical: The metaphysical properties of agate are soothing, calming and harmonize both positive and negative energies.

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