Pezrok has gone to special efforts to create quality photography to represent all our products.   Although, each computer monitor interprets color differently. Therefore, the color you are seeing might be slightly different than the actual mineral or furnishings.   Also, because all of our products are "Nature Made," the sizes are close, and should be considered approximate.  Prices are subject to change. 

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Gems & minerals

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Pink Amethyst Slab

A wonderful piece for your collection!


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This Selenite (Gypsum) specimen is from the limestone cavern famously called "The Cave of Crystals" in northern Mexico. Also known as the "Cave of Swords". Selenite crystals in this cave have been measured as large as 4' in diameter and 50' long.

Origin: Naica, Mexico

SKU 2027x
3.5" x 2"

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Formally part of the Kuhn Collection.

Origin: Hunan Province, China

SKU 2028x
5" x 2.5"

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A dense, brittle mineral, it is usually found in the form of red hexagonal crystals. It is an uncommon mineral, formed by the oxidation of lead ore deposits such as galena. First discovered in 1801 in Mexico, vanadinite deposits have since been unearthed in South America, Europe, Africa, and in other parts of North America.

Origin: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

SKU 2029x
13" x 5"

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