Pezrok has gone to special efforts to create quality photography to represent all our products.   Although, each computer monitor interprets color differently. Therefore, the color you are seeing might be slightly different than the actual mineral or furnishings.   Also, because all of our products are "Nature Made," the sizes are close, and should be considered approximate.  Prices are subject to change. 

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Gems & minerals

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Citrine Church

This is a stunning citrine church.


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With its beautiful deep orange-red color, Crocoite is a mineral that fascinates collectors. It was first found in Russia and later in other European localities, but only sparingly and in very small crystals. The Australian discovery on the island of Tasmania took this mineral to a new level when large, brilliant, well-formed crystals larger and more abundant than any other localities were found. The original crystals from this discovery yielded phenomenal crystals and aggregates, although excellent material is still coming out of these mines as they are now being mined for specimen production.

Origin: Tasmania, Australia

SKU 2032x
3" x 3"

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Stunning large cubed Fluorite in excellent condition and featuring numerous blocked cubes of Fluorite playing off each other.

Origin: Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

SKU 2029x
9" x 9" x 4.5" tall

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Fluorite with Calcite

Nice specimen to have as the mine is now closed! Formally from the famous "Kuhn Collection" and at one time was at the Smithsonian.

Origin: Huallapon Mine, Peru (The Mine is now Closed)

SKU 2033x
3-1/4" x 3"

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Nail Head Green Calcite

Very rare specimen.

Origin: Hunan Province, China

SKU 2024x
11" x 5"

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