Nature’s Artistry … One-of-a-Kind Jewelry at Pezrok

One-of-a-kind designs put nature’s artistry on dazzling display. Crystals, minerals, fossils, faceted stones and unique specimens from around the world are used to create dazzling jewelry at Pezrok, where the selection is always “where-did-you-find-that?!” unique.

Our singular gems and jewels are specially chosen for their quality, beauty and uniqueness. We also feature incredible and rare estate pieces. More often than not, our jewelry pieces will contain natural crystals and minerals in their untouched form. Yet, we also feature gems that have been shaped and polished, as well as faceted stones. Whatever the style, we strive for jewelry that is simple in style so that the stone is the star attraction.

Styles include:

  • Natural (raw)
  • Rustic (carved)
  • Cabochon (shaped and polished)
  • Faceted (cut)

If you are looking for something special, feel free to contact us to see if we have it, or if we can find it for you.