Pezrok Friends & Fans

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Sheree Brown

All Spaced Out added the Perfect Touch. I love it.

Terry and Denise Kind n

Our Pezrok table at home. My husband bought the beautiful Amethyst geode for our 40th Anniversary.

Yvonne and Brian Phillips

Our beautiful teal coffee table is perfect ! NOTE: Cat not included. lol

Yvonne and Brian Phillips

We absolutely fell in love with this piece and actually drove it all the way back to Melbourne, Florida.

Mike & Vicki McElroy

Our first and love it

Mike & Vicki McElroy

Yet another great find

Mike & Vicki McElroy

Just love everything in the store!

Rachel Ciliberti

Petrified wood sink in Tampa, FL powder room.


Love love my new Pezrock teak bench❤️

Kim Eaton

My new fave home decor...3" & 2" onyx apples

William Lee

Teal bar stools.

Bob Kirkup

Copper Shade / Mesquite & Turquoise lamp

Bob Kirkup

Mesquite Lamp with inlay Turquoise and Copper shade!

Dave and Colleen Ramey

Our new Master Bathroom with the beautiful onyx sink we bought from at Pezrok!

Dave & Colleen Ramey

Here are our Driftwood Carvings. The multi combination gave us just the depth and variety for a beautiful look to our cathedral wall in our great room. The artist has done stunning work!

Perok/Store Post

Here is a beautiful "Flame Box Elder Table" from a 100 year old local tree that a friend of our re-purposed! Wine anyone! Jim

Jim/Owner of Perok

Hi everyone! Here is our new Photo Album where you can post pictures of the products we sell that you have purchased. Here is picture of a Petrified Wood Sink we Sold. Jim

Cabin Fever - Danny & Michelle

These two Ducks make a "beautiful" pair.....don't you think?