First Mountain Hand Crafted Canoes & Kayaks


For over 50 years, Carley Adner, owner of First Mountain Woodcraft, has been making art from wood.  He started his first canoe in 2010.  First Mountain boats are now on the waters from Florida to Michigan.  Carley says it usually takes him approximately 4 months to make a boat, depending on the complexity and design.  Most often Carley uses Western Red Cedar but other woods include: Walnut, Maple, and Mahogany.  Occasionally, exotic wood such as Sapele and Purple Heart are used.  There are no stains used, only the natural color of the wood.  Each strip is only 1/4 inch thick with a bead and cove feature that makes them lock together.  They are best suited for lakes and deep water streams and like any they will but are fairly rugged since they are covered with fiberglass and epoxy inside and out as well as several coats of marine grade varnish.  They are not however intended for white water kayaking and canoeing.  Pezrok can work with Carley to create a special design, should you want to hang or display your boat.

One of a Kind Kayak...the Etowah 120

The Etowah 120 is a fantastic little craft that will accommodate paddlers of nearly every size.  It's a hybrid construction.  That means that the hull is built of 4mm marine plywood and the deck is strip construction.  Both the hull and deck, inside and out are covered with fiberglass and epoxy resin.  This one also incorporates carbon fiber on the inside of the hull.

Various wood species are used to change colors.  These woods are predominantly Western Red Cedar with Mahogany Sapele for the darker shades and Maple, Ash and Basswood for the lighter shades.  No stains are used, staples or any other metallic fasteners are never used in the construction.

The Etowah 120 weighs approximately 54 lbs, making it easy to carry and launch.  Its compact, 12 foot length makes it a great choice for paddling lakes and deep water streams.  Its hull design also makes it feel stable in water.

Each boat has a unique deck design, so truly no two boats are ever alike.  With approximately 300 hours in each kayak we strive to make each one unique, decorative as well as functional.

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